One Self

One Self
Dante Davinci

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Separationist

He Bleeds out his heart, yet she still squeezed it out dry
and forced out the words that make it harder to cry
He fumbles with love and brings tears to her eye
and opens up doors that make it harder to lie

the story unfolds as stones weigh down his sides
and the water is deep inside the happiest brides
can wishes come true, for you, when wanting to fly?
but who needs the truth, so just tell her you tried

Outside looking in

outside looking in on a new year
Current mood:  accomplished
new years resolutions....these are the things we try to change or create going into a new year...a quick scan of our hard drives looking for files that are missing or "corrupted"....on new years eve i found myself being introspective, well as best i could considering i was drinking....

i thought, what do i want to change..what is "wrong" with me or not "good enough" should i do a reformat of my hard drive? i have defragemented hopes dreams and goals i need to get back in order? that i need to set a day to have it all fixed. i think in some peoples eyes this is how we are conditioned to look at ourselves on a day like new years. after the short moment of thinking like that, i reconfirmed the fact that i see things a little different than that. im 31, ive been atleast somewhat conscious of the world around me for quite some time. my friends, we'll call them "the fellowship of the fling" for all intensive purposes, are pretty sharp cats who like me dont act their age, in a good way.

A tiger cannot change its stripes...a phrase i have come to appreciate tremendously. what an absolute idea. if you are something with predisposed traits and inherant "markings", then you will always be that, at least at the core or surface, depending on how deep you are i guess. in a good way, i think we are all tigers with stripes. we cannot remove them but through "grooming" and "training" we can look at those stripes and feel different about them.

Victor Frankl who was a prisoner in nazi germany learned to adapt to his agonizing world. he chose to process the pain and punishment he was recieving in an amazing way by saying to himself, "i choose how i feel, ultimately, regardless of what is put upon me. my stripes wont change, but how i see and feel them will. (check out his book, -Mans search for meaning- no one, not even myself, can change me. i am JJ and always will be.and like ourselves, the world is the tiger and the people its stripes. what i'm getting at is if the majority of the people in your life love and respect you, and you feel "whole" or feel as if you represent yourself in a way you believe then what is there to fix?. saving more money to buy the car you want is a new years resolution. quitting smoking or drinking less(both of which i should consider ;).

life has a funny way of putting things in your path to overcome and to grow from. life puts nothing in your path you cannot overcome. ive come to realize that all the shit i went through growing up, was the exact recipe needed to make me who i am today. and im proud. if you can learn to look at your stripes differently, then everything does change. its all about how you process it.

Under Dogs

Under Dogs

Like Wolverine and jean gray
forest Gump and Jenny
Lloyd Christmas and Mary Swanson
King Kong and the damsel in Distress....
We want whats different
When the unnatural feels natural
Like a Breathe of fresh air in a City
where the underdog isnt the hero in the end
Maybe he was born to fail
or just maybe he's got what we all search for in life
the passion to see what means most to us... 
and the Blind Faith to follow it---Dante Davinci

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In Life when you come to a fork in the road and choose your direction, you will only know what type of choice you've made when you get to the end of your path and hear stories of what the other road was like. This is why i feel there really are no "bad choices" or regrets when traveling down the roads we choose to walk. life is all a matter of how you perceive it.
       We don't need to be the actor in a movie to feel and see what it would be like to play that role. Dante Davinci

Long Leash

~Love is Blind But Has A Seeing-Eye-Dog That Likes To Sniff Crotches~ Dante Davinci

Thursday, March 1, 2012

On A Wing....

       And the ones we celebrate are the ones that are not bound in the chains of day-to-day. They have broken free from the slave-to-the-grind mindset and have set sail on the winds of tomorrow.  
       We would like to envision them looking back upon our weary ways they left as they blow kisses with tears falling from their eyes. And this is why we will always be bound to our boxed-in-lives. We played ourselves on a day dream, because, the ones that set sail will never look we watch them fly away. EVOLVE    Dante Davinci